Hospital Name:

新宿東口眼科医院 (Shinjuku East Gate Eye Clinic)


〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿3-25-1 ヒューリック新宿ビル9F
Hulic Shinjuku Building 9F, 3-25-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022


Review of Shinjuku East Exit Ophthalmology Clinic

Speed, Patient-Oriented, and Skilled (5.0/5.0)

Reviewer: Male in his 40s

Comments: He was extremely satisfied with the cataract surgery, praising the clinic’s efficiency and the medical team’s skill and patient-centered care.


Fast Service (5.0/5.0)

Reviewer: Male in his 40s

Comments: The reviewer appreciated the quick response to his eye discomfort during pollen season, noting the clinic’s efficient service.


Convenient Location and Kind Doctor (5.0/5.0)

Reviewer: Female in her 40s

Comments: She highlighted the clinic’s proximity to Shinjuku Station and the chief doctor’s kindness and thorough care.


Long Wait for Doctor’s Consultation (3.5/5.0)

Reviewer: Female in her 30s

Comments: Despite the convenience of an online booking system, she experienced long wait times but was ultimately satisfied with the medical care received.


Cataract Surgery (5.0/5.0)

Reviewer: Female in her 20s

Comments: The patient had a positive surgical experience and valued the clinic’s educational approach and effective treatment.


Detailed Examinations and Professional Staff (5.0/5.0)

Reviewer: Male in his 30s

Comments: He appreciated the comprehensive eye examinations and the professionalism of the clinic staff.


Careful and Considerate Treatment (4.5/5.0)

Reviewer: Female in her 40s

Comments: She was pleased with the detailed explanations and considerate treatment provided by the clinic.


Efficient and Courteous Service (4.0/5.0)

Reviewer: Female in her 20s

Comments: Noted the efficiency and courtesy of the clinic, especially in handling contact lens care.


Long Waiting Times Despite Appointment (1.5/5.0)

Reviewer: Male in his 30s

Comments: He expressed dissatisfaction with the long wait times but acknowledged the clinic’s modern facilities and convenient location.


Professional and Attentive Care (4.5/5.0)

Reviewer: Female in her 40s

Comments: She appreciated the professional and attentive approach to treating her dry eye condition.



Overall Assessment:

Shinjuku Higashiguchi Eye Clinic is well-regarded for its effective and patient-oriented medical care, with particular commendation for its skilled staff and efficient service. The clinic’s location near Shinjuku Station is highly valued for its convenience. While there is some concern about long waiting times, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the clinic’s commitment to quality eye care and patient satisfaction.



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Office Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11:30 AM – 1:45 PM, 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Sat: 11:00 AM – 1:45 PM, 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Sun & Holidays: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Website: (English) (Chinese) (Korean) (Spanish)


Medical Services and Languages:

Ophthalmology: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish


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1-minute walk from the East Exit of Shinjuku Station on JR lines or B11 Exit of Shinjuku Station on the Marunouchi Line.