Hospital Name:

河北総合病院 (Kawakita General Hospital)


〒166-8588 東京都杉並区阿佐ヶ谷北1-7-3
1-7-3 Asagaya-Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-8588


Review of Kahoku General Hospital

Difficulty Finding a Good ENT Specialist (4.0/5)

Age & Gender: Female, 50s

Summary: After trying several local ENT clinics without satisfaction, the patient was referred to Kawakita General Hospital by her primary care doctor. She found the ENT specialists here to be more competent.


Realizing the Importance of Trust in Treatment (4.5/5)

Age & Gender: Male, 60s

Summary: The patient, who underwent surgery for an upper arm fracture, reflected on how trust in the medical staff significantly improved his treatment experience.


Meniere’s Disease Improvement (4.0/5)

Age & Gender: Male, 60s

Summary: The patient chose Kawakita General Hospital for its proximity and previous positive experiences with family members. Treatment for Meniere’s disease here led to an improvement in his condition.


Long Waiting Times (3.0/5)

Age & Gender: Male, 20s

Summary: Despite having an appointment, the patient experienced over an hour wait time for each visit. He felt his concerns were dismissed as trivial by the medical staff.


Misdiagnosis Experience (1.0/5)

Age & Gender: Male, 50s

Summary: The patient received a misdiagnosis for shoulder pain, which did not improve after several treatments. He expressed frustration with the lack of progress and the approach taken by the specialist.


Prostate Surgery Experience (3.5/5)

Age & Gender: Male, 70s

Summary: After experiencing complications from prostate enlargement at another hospital, the patient underwent successful laser surgery at Kawakita General Hospital.


Child’s Emergency Care (5.0/5)

Age & Gender: Not the patient, Male, 3-5 years

Summary: The patient’s child received prompt and effective treatment for a facial injury at the hospital, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Seeking Treatment for Fever (3.0/5)

Age & Gender: Female, 30s

Summary: The patient visited the hospital with a fever, concerned about COVID-19. She found the testing process confusing and wished for clearer communication from the staff.


Insensitive Medical Staff (1.0/5)

Age & Gender: Not specified, Male, 70s

Summary: The family was dissatisfied with the insensitive approach of the medical staff when discussing the discontinuation of cancer treatment for their elderly family member.


Poor Administrative Processes (3.0/5)

Age & Gender: Not specified, Male, 30s

Summary: The patient experienced multiple billing errors over a year, leading to frustration with the hospital’s administrative processes.



Overall Impression:

Kawakita General Hospital receives mixed reviews, with patients appreciating the medical care for specific conditions like Meniere’s disease and emergency child care. However, there are significant concerns about long wait times, communication, and administrative issues. The hospital is praised for its medical expertise in certain areas but criticized for aspects of patient management and staff sensitivity.



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Office Hours:

Mon-Sat: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Hours vary by department and day. Morning-only departments close at 11:30 AM.


Website: (Japanese)


Medical Services and Languages:

Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology: English


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5-minute walk from Asagaya Station on the JR Chuo Line.