Hospital Name:

砧ゆり眼科医院 (Kinuta Yuri Eye Clinic)


〒157-0073 東京都世田谷区砧4-17-10
4-17-10 Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0073


Review of Kinuta Yuri Ophthalmology Clinic

Child-Friendly Atmosphere (4.0/5 points)

Age and Gender: 1-3 years old, male

Content: A 1-year-old boy visited for eyelid swelling. The clinic was chosen for its reputation in treating small children. The female doctor was kind to the child and provided thorough explanations.


Comfortable for Children (4.5/5 points)

Age and Gender: 3-5 years old, male

Content: A 4-year-old boy visited for a milium. The mother sought a second opinion due to uncertainties with treatment plans from another clinic. The female doctor seemed to understand the mother’s perspective well.


We Have Been Visiting for Pediatric Ophthalmology (5.0/5 points)

Age and Gender: Not specified

Content: Visited for a child’s eye examination. The clinic is new, resulting in short waiting times and smooth consultations. All staff members were female and very kind.


A Child-Friendly Eye Clinic (4.5/5 points)

Age and Gender: 40s, female

Content: Visited for her child’s stye and her own declining eyesight. The clinic is new and clean, with a play area for children. The doctor, a graduate from the National Center for Child Health and Development, is trustworthy.


My Child Is in Good Hands (5.0/5 points)

Age and Gender: 20s, female

Content: Visited for strabismus. The doctor is a graduate from the National Center for Child Health and Development, and the clinic is new and clean. The staff is kind, providing a reassuring environment for visits.


A Beautiful Clinic That Has Just Opened (4.0/5 points)

Age and Gender: 1-3 years old, female

Content: A 2-year-old girl visited for allergic conjunctivitis. The clinic is newly opened, boasting a very clean environment. There is a play area in the waiting room, and the staff provided kind assistance.



Overall Review

Kinuta Yuri Eye Clinic seems to have a high reputation, especially as a pediatric ophthalmology clinic. The staff is kind, and the female doctor, in particular, is noted for her gentle approach to children. The clinic is new and clean, with a play area for children, making it suitable for parent-child visits. The reviews are highly positive, indicating that this is a reliable clinic for eye care.




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Office Hours:

Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri: 9:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30
Sat/Sun: 9:00-13:00


Website: (Japanese)


Medical Services and Languages:

Ophthalmology: English


Accepted Payment Methods:

No information available.



10-minute walk from Soshigaya-Okura Station on the Odakyu Line.