Hospital Name:

荻原整形外科 (Ogihara Orthopedic Clinic)


〒151-0071 東京都渋谷区本町2-7-10 2F
2-7-10 Honmachi, 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071


Features and Concepts of Ogiwara Orthopedics

Ogihara Orthopedic Clinic specializes in orthopedics, rehabilitation, and pain clinics, providing comprehensive medical care. Dr. Takashi Ogihara, the head of the clinic, is a certified orthopedic specialist, while Deputy Director Junko Ogihara handles internal medicine and pediatrics, with a significant number of patients visiting for diabetes and asthma treatments.


Home Rehabilitation Services

The clinic offers home rehabilitation services for those who find it difficult to visit in person. A full-time physical therapist is available to provide these services. The target patients for this service are those requiring support or care, available seven days a week, with each session lasting 20 minutes (operating hours are from 8:00 to 20:00). The fees are 648 yen for a 40-minute session or 972 yen for a 60-minute session. The service area primarily covers the 23 wards of Tokyo, and a doctor’s home visit from the clinic is required before starting rehabilitation services.


Features and Concept

  1. Comprehensive Medical Care: The clinic provides a wide range of medical services, focusing on orthopedics, rehabilitation, and pain clinics, as well as internal medicine and pediatrics.
  2. Home Rehabilitation Services: For patients who are unable to visit the clinic, home rehabilitation services are offered, conducted by a full-time physical therapist.
  3. Tailored Patient Care: The clinic caters to a large number of diabetes and asthma patients, providing personalized medical care to meet their specific needs.


Ogihara Orthopedic Clinic is dedicated to offering tailored medical care to each patient, ensuring support even for those who find it challenging to visit the clinic through their home rehabilitation services.



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Office Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7:00-12:30, 14:30-18:30
Sat: 7:00-12:30


Website: (Japanese)


Medical Services and Languages:

Internal Medicine: English
Pediatrics: English
Orthopedics: English


Accepted Payment Methods:

Information not provided.



5 minutes walk from the Chuo North exit of Hatsudai Station on the Keio New Line.
2 minutes walk from the Hatagaya Fudoson bus stop on the Keio Bus route.