Hospital Name:

森歯科医院 (Mori Dental Clinic)


〒143-0016 東京都大田区大森北 1-11-18 大森ハウス201
1-11-18 Omori-Kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0016, Omori House 201


Features and Concepts of Mori Dental Clinic

Morishika Dental Clinic is located in Omori Kita, Ota Ward, Tokyo, just a 3-minute walk from the central exit of Omori Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line. The clinic strives to create a home-like atmosphere, building close and trustworthy relationships with patients. It places a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry, aiming to support patients’ health starting from their oral cavity. To prevent the spread of infections, the clinic minimizes waiting time in the reception area and diligently practices sterilization and disinfection.


Features and Concept of the Clinic

  1. Home-like Atmosphere: The clinic fosters a close relationship with patients, creating an environment where trust can easily be built.
  2. Focus on Preventive Dentistry: Emphasizing the importance of supporting patients’ health from their oral cavity, the clinic places a strong focus on preventive dentistry.
  3. Commitment to Infection Prevention: Efforts are made to minimize waiting time in the reception area, and significant attention is given to sterilization and disinfection practices.
  4. Convenient Access: Located just a 3-minute walk from Omori Station, the clinic is easily accessible, making it convenient for patients to visit.
  5. Modern Equipment and Techniques: The clinic is equipped with the latest facilities and employs advanced techniques to provide comfortable treatments to patients.


Morishika Dental Clinic is dedicated to building trust with each patient, providing high-quality treatment with a focus on preventive dentistry.



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Office Hours:

Mon-Fri: 10:00-13:00, 14:30-19:00
Note: For the time being, afternoon hours on days other than Thursday are 14:30-17:00.


Website: (Japanese)


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Dentistry: English, Chinese


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3 minutes on foot from the central exit of “Omori Station” on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line.