Hospital Name:

山中歯科医院 (Yamanaka Dental Clinic)


〒108-0073 東京都港区三田2-7-12 徳文堂ビル1階
2-7-12 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Tokubundo Building 1F


Features and Concepts of Yamanaka Dental Clinic

Yamanaka Dental Clinic, located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, has been providing community dental care for over 45 years. Below is a summary of the clinic’s features and concepts:


Contribution to Community Dental Care

With a history and track record spanning over four decades, Yamanaka Dental Clinic has been a steadfast provider of dental care in the Minato area. Despite relocating due to the development of Shinagawa Station, the clinic continues to offer community-rooted medical services.


Treatment Plans Considering Patients’ Lifestyles

The clinic provides treatment plans tailored to each patient’s lifestyle and needs, utilizing the expertise gained from training at New York University to offer appropriate treatment directions. The clinic ensures thorough discussions with patients to achieve satisfactory treatment outcomes.


Practice of Advanced Dental Medicine

Yamanaka Dental Clinic practices advanced dental medicine, including accurate diagnostics using CT scans and the implementation of dental microscopes, ensuring high standards of patient care.


Comprehensive Sterilization Measures

In addition to standard sterilization practices, the clinic takes extra care with the water supply pipelines used in treatments, demonstrating a strong commitment to infection control within the clinic.


English Language Support

The clinic offers dental services in English, provided by a dentist with overseas study experience, catering to the needs of foreign patients.


Support for Athletes

Yamanaka Dental Clinic provides dental medical services tailored to the schedules of athletes and has extensive experience in treating top athletes, ensuring that their specific needs are met.

In summary, Yamanaka Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing community-rooted dental care, personalized treatment plans, advanced medical techniques, comprehensive sterilization measures, and support for both English-speaking patients and athletes.



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Mon-Fri: 9:30-13:00, 14:00-18:00
Sat: 9:30-13:00, 14:00-16:00


Website: (Japanese)


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Dentistry: English


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4 minutes on foot from “Akabanebashi Station” on the Toei Oedo Line.
10 minutes on foot from “Mita Station” on the Toei Mita Line.
12 minutes on foot from “Tamachi Station” on the JR Line.