Hospital Name:

羽咋診療所 (Hakui Clinic)


〒925-0049 石川県羽咋市柳橋町堂田53-1
53-1 Yanagibashi-cho Doda, Hakui City, Ishikawa 925-0049


Features and concepts of the Hakui Clinic

Outpatient Information

  • Hakui Clinic has been designated as a medical institution for the diagnosis and testing of the novel coronavirus infection, based on the administrative communication from the Health Insurance Bureau Medical Division as of September 28, Reiwa 3 (2021).
  • Those who have symptoms such as fever and suspect a coronavirus infection and wish to have a coronavirus test are advised to contact the clinic before visiting. In cases where there are many patients, consultations may be conducted inside the patient’s car.


Free/Low-Cost Medical Treatment

  • While specific details are not provided, it appears that the clinic offers services at no cost or at a reduced fee.


Additional Information

  • Hakui Clinic supports the new “My Number Reception” method, where patients can use their My Number Card as a substitute for their health insurance card.
  • The clinic gathers comprehensive information to provide high-quality medical care and utilizes it for consultations.

This summarizes the features and concepts of the “Hakui Clinic” excluding the consultation system.


Phone Number:



Operating Hours:

Mon/Wed/Thu: 8:30-11:30
Tue/Fri: 8:30-11:30, 15:00-17:30
3rd Saturday of the month: 8:30-11:30



Hakui Clinic (Japanese)


Departments and Language Support:

Internal Medicine: English
Surgery: English


Accepted Credit Cards:

Not available



7 minutes walk from Hakui Station on the JR Nanao Line.